“Shklyarus” LTD has installed an automated line for assembly of double-glazed units of the internationally acclaimed German company Lenhardt Maschinenbau GmbH. With the help of the Lenhardt manufacturing line, production capacities of the company “Shklyarus” LTD have been increased up to 1800 double-glazed units a day.

The line for manufacturing of double-glazed units Lenhardt 2300×4000 consists of the following production components:

  1. Infeed conveyor for washing machine.
  2. Washing machine.
  3. Outgoing conveyor for washing machine.
  4. Station for inspection and application of spacer profile.
  5. Entrance to the press.
  6. Gas-filling press.
  7. Tilting table.
  8. Robot for sealing of double-glazed units.

The installed Lenhardt automated line provides us ADVANTAGES in manufacturing process as follows:

  1. Use of various modes for respective types of glass in the washing machine (a special mode for a coated glass); use of four pairs of brushes featuring variable pile hardness ensuring perfect cleaning of glass surface; multiple re-use of water which contributes to environmental friendliness of the manufacturing process.
  2. Station for pressing of single-chamber and double-chamber double-glazed units in automatic mode. Parameters of assembly cycle such as pressure and pressing time are automatically defined. There is no need for auxiliary tools and means to execute gas-filling process such as plastic angle element with a hole for gas-filling and a retainer for this angle element. Also there is no need for additional operations that take a certain period of time: calculation of gas-filling time, individual setup of the appliance for each double-glazed unit, control of the gas-filling process which is directly related to human factor and, as a result, may lead to errors and flaws.
  3. Moreover, vertical presses for double-glazed units have proven their importance due to the uniform pressure force which they apply simultaneously on the entire surface of a double-glazed unit. This force depends on the sizes of a double-glazed unit, defined automatically by the press.
  4. With the help of the sealing robot, sealing process is twice as faster as compared to manual sealing. Quality of sealing and, accordingly, quality of ready-made products significantly improve as the speed, depth and raw material feeding pressure are automatically monitored.

Electronic inspection device feeds required amount of sealant. Dimensional data of junction (which defines required amount of sealant) are measured before the sealing process; along with this, width of junction is defined, as for the depth, it is being continuously measured during the sealing process. Since the robot executes the sealing process in the vertical position, we do not get a lens effect, i.e. there are no chromatic aberrations or distortions on the surface of a double-glazed unit.

So, the automatic machine for the assembly, gas-filling and pressing is advanced technology equipment handling a large amount of operations with high accuracy. Due to this reason, the glass work pieces to be processed must meet special requirements. This approach allows high quality and safe products to be produced.

It is also worth mentioning that this line for the assembly of double-glazed units is designed to work with large format glass. The construction of the line, all essential joints and units are specially developed to be able to operate with heavy loads because a big-sized double-glazed unit implies a heavy weight too. Thanks to the new line, our company can offer double-glazed units of a big size of 2300×4000 (mm) and work accordingly with “jumbo” sized glasses.